Journalism is still important

“Fake news” has become such a popular term that it is even included in the 2018 Associated Press Stylebook. According to the AP, “fake news” or fact checking is defined as “holding politicians and public figures accountable for their words.”

It has become so prominent in our society that there is a constant stream of articles telling people how to spot it and think critically about what they’re reading.

People are convinced that they can no longer trust the general media and so the onslaught of the war on journalism commenced.

Now, in reality, it’s always been this way. There have always been people who haven’t trusted the media

I’m sticking with journalism. It’s my major and, if everything goes according to plan, it will be my career. Journalists are not the “enemy of the people.” We are the messengers and the storytellers. Without journalists, the world would be blind to people who are different.

I want to be a journalist because I want to tell the stories of people who don’t always get the chance to be heard. People deserve to know what happens in the world around them.

People who constantly shout “fake news” are usually only saying that because they don’t want to face the truth, or those for whom facts do not fit their world view.

So, like the trailblazers before me, I’m going to keep on doing what I love and what I’m good at — even if people don’t like me for it.

Olivia Malick is the University Press managing editor for 2018-19.

Author: Olivia S. Malick

I'm currently a sophomore at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I am the managing editor of The University Press which is the student-led, student-run newspaper of Lamar University. I have been a journalist for almost six years and it is my greatest passion in life. I love discovering the way the world works and showcasing the truth.

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