Joe Biden, Kamala Harris elected president, VP

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. UP graphic by Olivia Malick

Joseph R. Biden Jr, former vice president and senator from Delaware, was elected as the 46th President of the United States, Nov. 7, four days after Election Day, defeating incumbent Donald Trump. 

The election marks the 14th time in U.S. history that a sitting president lost reelection. 

Biden was declared the winner by the Associated Press after the race in Pennsylvania was called in his favor, pushing him over the 270 electoral vote threshold. 

As of 3 p.m. Saturday, four states remain uncalled — Alaska, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. 

NBC News projects that at least 159.8 million votes were cast in 2020 general election, which would mark the highest voter turnout since 1900.

According to The Washington Post, at least 74.5 million votes have been cast for Biden, equaling 50.5 percent, with 70.3 million going to Trump, equaling 47.7 percent. The votes cast for Biden broke the record previously set by President Barack Obama for most votes cast for a presidential candidate in 2008.

The election of California Senator Kamala Harris marks the first time in U.S. history that a woman, and a woman of color has been chosen as vice president. Harris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, will be the highest ranking woman ever elected in U.S. government. 

President Trump released a statement in response to Biden’s election, falsely claiming that Biden is posing as the winner. He also said in his statement that he and his administration are intending to contest the election. 

The inauguration of the president-elect and vice president-elect will be held on Jan. 20. As of Saturday, there have been no announcements as to whether the ceremony will be different than years past due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The election marks the first time that the two major presidential candidates were over 70 years old. Biden, who will be 78 at the time of his inauguration, will be the oldest president ever elected. He will also be the first president whose home state is Delaware. Biden will be the second Roman Catholic president ever elected, after John F. Kennedy in 1960. His wife, Jill Biden, will serve as First Lady of the United States, succeeding current First Lady Melania Trump. Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, will succeed current Second Lady Karen Pence, becoming the first male spouse of a vice president, and will also be the first Jewish spouse to a vice president.

As of 3 p.m. Saturday, Biden had 279 electoral votes while Trump had 214. Forty-five electoral votes remain. If all 45 went to Trump, he’d still be short 11 votes. 

Alaska and North Carolina are projected to go to Trump and Arizona and Georgia are projected to go to Biden. 

Olivia Malick, UP editor

Author: Olivia S. Malick

I'm currently a sophomore at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I am the managing editor of The University Press which is the student-led, student-run newspaper of Lamar University. I have been a journalist for almost six years and it is my greatest passion in life. I love discovering the way the world works and showcasing the truth.

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