Fright night delights

Halloween’s best horror flicks are on Netflix

Halloween may be a couple of weeks away, but every day of October leading up to it is full of festivities, including horror movie marathons on major networks like ABC, FX and Syfy.

Horror movies are my favorite part of Halloween — they’re the best outlet for me to really get in the spirit, no pun intended. I sometimes find, however, that the best horror movies for bingeing on All Hallows’ Eve are on Netflix — the best part being that there are zero advertisements, creating a continuity of creepiness.

These are the must-watch horror movies on Netflix:

“Terrifier” (2017)

Based off the short film “All Hallows’ Eve,” “Terrifier” follows a psychopathic clown and his victims on Halloween night. A true thriller, “Terrifier” contains great acting, but a lot of gore, so beware. This movie gives people more of a reason to not trust clowns, but is a necessary horror film for those looking for a good thrill and some suspenseful action. Rated TV-MA, 1hr 24 min.

“The Conjuring” (2013)

Arguably one of the best horror films in recent years, “The Conjuring” provides viewers with a great plot that’s well executed. “Conjuring” doesn’t rely on jump scares to increase the viewer’s heart rate, and it doesn’t need to. However, all of the jump scares are well-timed and create the perfect atmosphere that leaves the viewer uneasy, whether alone or in a large group. The perfect haunting tale for a night in, “The Conjuring” is definitely worth watching again and again. Rated R, 1hr 52 min.

“The Babadook” (2014)

Original and terrifying, “Babadook” follows a mother and her young son as they try to fight off an evil storybook character. This movie will reinforce the idea that no childhood entity is innocent, whether they’re a clown or a figure on the pages of a nighttime story. “The Babadook” is unlike any other horror movie and should be high on the watchlist of any fright flick fanatic. Not Rated, 1hr, 35 mins.

“Hush” (2016)

“Hush” follows a deaf woman and a home invader during a long, eventful night. If you liked the silence in “A Quiet Place,” then “Hush” is another quiet thriller that will make its mark on the viewer’s psyche. More of a real-life horror movie, “Hush” reminds viewers to make sure their homes are well-secured, but is also an empowering film about overcoming life’s obstacles. Rated R, 1hr, 27 min.

“The Shining” (1980)

Stanley Kubrick’s classic psychological horror is a movie everyone should see at least once in their life. Based on the novel by Stephen King, “The Shining” follows a couple and their son as they become overwhelmed by the dark secrets of an isolated hotel. Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall give unforgettable performances that are still revered today. There’s a reason “The Shining” is continually referenced, and once you see it, you’ll know why. Rated R, 2h, 40 min.

“Veronica” (2017)

It’s the classic “kids play with a Ouija board, one kid gets possessed” story, but there’s something about the Spanish film “Veronica” that makes the plot seem brand new. With every scene, there’s a sense of greater suspense, and the fact that it is based on a real police report makes it all the more unsettling. There are gripping action scenes and emotional moments that make the viewer feel a part of the family being tormented by an unseen force. Not Rated, 1hr, 46 min.

“Children of the Corn” (1984)

Another film based off Stephen King lore, “Children of the Corn” is the scariest film I have ever seen. It’s unnerving and gives me goosebumps in the worst way. It follows a young couple as they trek across the Midwest and discover a town where the only occupants are children, their preacher and the demon that influences them. It stays with viewers long after the runtime is up and gives a reason to never go into a cornfield at night. Rated R, 1hr, 33 min.

“The Witch” (2015)

Beautifully shot and hauntingly suspenseful, “The Witch” takes place in the 17th century around the time of the Salem Witch Trials. The film offers a fresh look at a well-known story and shows how an entire town can be torn apart by one accusation. “Witch” is an opportunity to view a horror movie that is unlike the other films on this list. Rated R, 1hr, 33 min.

“Train to Busan” (2016)

“Train to Busan” is more than a thriller — it’s a psychological horror movie that forces viewers come to terms with their worst nightmares. Between zombies, impending death, severe claustrophobia and a father’s love for his daughter, “Busan” has all the elements needed to create an atmosphere of anxiety. If you weren’t worried about a zombie apocalypse before, “Busan” will give you a reason to start. Not Rated, 1hr, 58 min.

Horror movies are available to stream all year-round, but there’s no better time to be scared than on the darkest night of the year.

Story by Olivia Malick, UP managing editor

Author: Olivia S. Malick

I'm currently a sophomore at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I am the managing editor of The University Press which is the student-led, student-run newspaper of Lamar University. I have been a journalist for almost six years and it is my greatest passion in life. I love discovering the way the world works and showcasing the truth.

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